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IMS was founded in 1996 by two men committed to making a difference in their community.

As city employees, John D. Calhoun, Ph.D. and Rod L. Hill, P.E. saw a need for minority owned engineering firms and decided to take a chance at changing the landscape of the engineering industry.

Through their hard work, commitment and excellence, IMS has grown from a two-person partnership into one of the largest African-American owned and operated engineering firms in the US.

With a reputation of excellence, innovation and client responsiveness, IMS has established itself as a firm of choice for quality service. The passionate and indefatigable spirit of our founders is now the driving force behind every decision made as we too help our clients move their dreams and visions from sketch pads to reality. 

IMS is a full-service consulting, engineering, management and operations firm assisting public and private clients to improve the environment and public infrastructure.

Our service sectors include planning, civil, environmental, transportation, structural, water resources and water and wastewater engineering, program and construction management, the development of plans, specifications and estimates along with a cadre of other design engineering and construction phase services.

Our client list includes local, state as well as federal and international government agencies as well as industries ranging from locally owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


  •                   HOUSTON,                     TEXAS

         5821 Southwest Freeway Suite 500              Houston, TX 77057               (713) 739-7744 

  •                     JACKSON,                      MISSISSIPPI

                     126 E. Amite Street                                 Jackson, MS 39201                   (601) 968-9194

  •                     DALLAS,                   TEXAS

       400 North St. Paul Street Suite 440                          Dallas, TX 75201                       (972) 803-8032 

  •              MEMPHIS,              TENNESSEE

                 35 Union Avenue Suite 101                        Memphis, TN 38103                  (901) 543-0416


             400 Poydras Street Suite 1170                      New Orleans, LA 70130         (504) 561-7399


                  207 Milam Street Suite A                           Shreveport, LA 71101            (318) 429-7790

  • baltimore,   maryland  

                 Maryland Life Building                         10 South Street Suite 503                     Baltimore, Maryland  21202              (410) 244-0105


        Bole, Adika Building 6th Floor 601            Addis Ababa, Ethiopia +251901205870

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    1.4.1:         Land Planning/Engineering 
    1.5.1:         Feasibility Studies 
    2.4.2:         Clean Water Act Sec. 404 Permits
    2.6.1:         Protected Species Determination (Habitat) 
    2.13.1:      Hazardous Materials Initial Site Assessment 
    3.1.1:         Route Studies & Schematic Design - Minor Roadways 
    3.2.1:         Route Studies & Schematic Design 
    3.3.1:         Route Studies & Schematic Design - Complex Highways 
    3.4.1:         Minor Bridge Layouts 
    3.5.1:         Major Bridge Layouts 
    3.6.1:         Multi-Level Interchange And Exotic Bridge Layout 
    4.1.1:         Minor Roadway Design 
    4.2.1:         Roadway Design 
    4.3.1:         Complex Highway Design  
    4.4.1:         Freeway Interchanges
    5.1.1:         Minor Bridge Design 
    7.1.1:         Traffic Engineering Studies 
    7.2.1:         Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Studies 
    7.3.1:         Traffic Signal Timing 
    7.4.1:         Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design And Implementation 
    8.1.1:         Signing, Pavement Marking, And Channelization
    8.3.1:         Signalization 
    8.5.1:         Highway-Rail Grade Crossings 
    10.1.1:      Hydrologic Studies 
    10.2.1:      Roadway Hydraulic Design 
    10.4.3:      Pump Stations-Structures 
    11.1.1:      Roadway Construction Management And Inspection 
    11.2.1:      Bridge Construction Management And Inspection
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