Water & Wastewater Engineering

IMS provides complete water and wastewater engineering services to all levels of municipal and private clients for new facilities, as well as renovation and rehabilitation of existing facilities.  These services range from initial planning and feasibility studies, engineering reports, development of plans and specifications through construction phase observation and

start-up of the systems. In particular, IMS has expertise in modifying and upgrading existing treatment facilities to meet new regulatory requirements including nitrogen removal.  Improving treatment plant performance and operability incorporating new technologies and process is a landmark of IMS. IMS provides unique capabilities in the design of water and wastewater facilities.  The design expertise of IMS is complimented by the operational expertise of qualified and certified treatment plant designs that are both efficient and operator friendly.  Creativity and innovativeness have enabled IMS to provide cost-efficient designs that maintain operations of facilities during construction.

IMS has been very successful in obtaining over $200M from various Federal and State funding sources to assist clients in constructing various water/wastewater improvements.

Services Areas:

  • Process Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Performance Evaluations
  • Operability Studies
  • Engineering Reports
  • Water and Wastewater Master Planning
  • Process and Treatment Design
  • Sewerage Treatment Design
  • Nutrient Removal Systems
  • Sanitary Treatment System
  • Process Control Troubleshooting
  • Water Distribution Design
  • SPDES Permit
  • Operations Assistance and Training
  • O + M Manuals
  • Rate Studies
  • Chemical Bulk Storage and Transfer Design
  • Regulatory Agency Assistance
  • Storage Tanks
  • Sewerage College and Transport
  • System Start-Up and Training
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection Services
  • Design of Biosolids Composting
  • Sludge Management
  • Spill Management Plans
  • Funding Assistance

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