Transportation projects require a seamless integration of engineering, science, construction, and experience for the most cost effective processes. Today’s growth climate also requires

adherence to environmental regulations, construction and safety requirements, and local zoning concerns.

IMS offers an integrated approach to transportation development, providing a wide range of engineering and construction services to help meet project objectives. From detailed planning services that keep projects on track, to an array of engineering and design services, to innovative and efficient alternative approaches to construction and operation, IMS is prepared to offer comprehensive long-term solutions to meet the world’s transportation infrastructure needs.

Services Areas:

  • Airport/Aviation Engineering
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Highways and Roadways
  • Parking Structures
  • Railway Structures Design
  • Grading, Drainage & Pavement
  • Traffic Studies
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Transit & Trasportation Planning
  • Corridor Studies/Route Evaluations
  • Sound Barrier Walls

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