Airport/Aviation Engineering

The development of a successful airport starts with a well conceived master plan.  Wherever the backbone of master-planning is formed by traffic forecasts and subsequent plot allocation and sizing, timely consideration should be given to allocation of utility corridors and to the constraints that (future) navigational aids and surveillance systems may pose.  IMS routinely provides such input into master plans as they are developed.

The logical next step after preparation of a master plan is the development of a conceptual design, for individual facilities or an airport as a whole.  In many cases, airport development projects are seen as a means of building local engineering skills within a developing country.  We are experienced in working with local engineers.  In many projects our staff has been responsible for the Conceptual Design and subsequently worked with local staff to prepare the final design and tender of documents.  This approach ensures the transfer of technology to the local engineering firms and provides a cost effective design which fully complies to local building standards.

Aviation Services

Runway Assessments Non-Destructive (NDT) testing
Geo-technical Investigations Asphalt/Sub-grade material testing
Facility Construction Structural Analysis Review
Construction management Demolition