Planning Services

Land use planning, at the most basic level seeks to upgrade the built environment within which we all live and work in all its dimensions. The goal at IMS is to ensure that our plans and projects adequately consider and address the manmade, natural, economic and social features that contribute to the regional, municipal and local settings.

We work to understand these planning contexts and to define and build projects that respond to demonstrated needs and contribute to the creation or enhancement of livable places. A wide variety of urban planning services is offered by IMS. These services are provided by an experienced and interdisciplinary technical staff. IMS planners are equipped to lead and support large and small projects that address our core transportation and infrastructure business, as well as specialized planning and research studies on defining service needs and evaluating the impacts.

Do you want to encourage economic development in your town? Do you wish that the abandoned gas station on the corner could be transformed into a thriving commercial property that actively contributes to your tax base? Questions like these become real concerns as economic and demographic changes take place over time. If you don’t plan for change, change will plan for you.

Services Areas:

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Site Planning and Master Planning
  • Zoning Ordinances and Development Codes
  • Subdivision Regulations and Site
  • Plan Review
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Transportation Improvement Plans
  • Preparation of and Maintaining
  • Demographic Databases
  • Land Use and Zoning Amendments
  • Housing and Community Plans
  • Preparation of Grant Applications
  • Historic Preservation and Development
  • Conducting Planning, Demographic, Economic, and
  • Geographic Research and Analysis
  • Program Management and Staff Augmentation Services
  • Land Suitability Analysis
  • Vision Statements and Strategic Planning
  • Transit / Land use – transportation Studies
  • Public Infrastructure Assessments
  • Economic Development and Strategic Plans
  • Tourism Development Plans
  • Urban Design and Development Guidelines
  • Downtown Development Plans
  • On-call assistance for Zoning and Planning
  • Commissions

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