Our Mission, Philosophy & Values


IMS is a fundamentally innovative, morally compelling, philosophically positive company where smart, committed and inspired people gather together to make a difference in the communities we serve.


At IMS, we abide by the motto: “Do the very best you can every single day.” We believe that when our employees come to work each day with the commitment to making a difference, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

Client service includes understanding that the sometimes conflicting demands of infrastructure needs, and environmental and public health protection will have to be balanced with fiscal reality. This requires a special service sensitive to the client’s needs. Client service also means being flexible in project delivery by offering start-to-finish services or by supporting any individual phase of a larger program.

From big picture program and infrastructure management, to initial studies and design, through completion of construction, IMS’ project teams integrate the appropriate multi-disciplinary resources and streamline efforts throughout a project life cycle. For every project, we incorporate quality management processes, address issues of health, safety and community relations, and position ourselves as strong client advocates during regulatory strategy development and negotiations. The result is the best solution for each and every client.[/two_third]

Our Values

The Firm is distinguished by our core values, the essential and enduring tenets of our culture. They define what IMS – the company and the people – stand for throughout time, regardless of changes to our internal structure and leadership, external factors, and market conditions. IMS’ core values – faith, passion, excellence, initiative, shared commitment, integrity, and teamwork – are the fundamental principals that guide our collective and individual decisions, strategies, and actions.

As a firm of more than one hundred and seventy employees, providing diversified services, our commitment to these principles unifies our culture and drives our success in delivering the right total solutions for clients.

IMS is committed to providing quality services, in a responsive manner, commensurate with client’s desires, objectives and needs. IMS is dedicated to the continuous improvement of services provided.

IMS provides quality and responsive services; uses advanced technology to provide solutions that are appropriate and cost effective; is always sensitive to meeting clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations; provides opportunities for professional and career advancement for our employees; fosters and preserves a reputation and image of the highest integrity at all times and at all costs; and achieves profit goals that allow growth for our company and rewards for our employees.

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