Louis Armstrong International Airport

At a glance

New Orleans, LA

Atkins North America, Inc.

Project Summary

IMS was a part of the team undertaking design services for long-term airport development.  Our firm is tasked with utilities master planning and design work. IMS worked on the following phases of the project

Concept Development

In this phase, IMS was responsible for estimating utility demand (water and sewer) for the projected traffic and land use of the concept plan for 2038 planning horizon year. IMS analyzed various feasible alternatives for water and sewer facilities for four major conceptual alternatives identified for the terminal.

Schematic Design

IMS was responsible for developing schematic design utility layouts for the approved conceptual development alternative. Several schematic alternatives were developed and each alternative was analyzed based on its techno-economic feasibility.

Design Development

IMS worked on design development plans for proposed water and sewer utilities for the approved terminal alternative. Our firm coordinated with other designers working on the airport field and made adjustments to cater to their water and wastewater utility requirements.

Construction Documents

IMS developed construction documents for the utilities based upon the completed Design Development phase alternative.

Utility Coordination

We coordinated with all utility providers (namely gas, electrical, cable), identified their requirements and laid out schematic designs for the proposed utility corridor.