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Today, February 6, 2016, Integrated Management Services (IMS) and IMS Engineers turns twenty (20) years old!!! It is a wonderful occasion for us, and naturally our folks are strutting a bit about the progress we have made in such a short time. Yet we are fully aware that our accomplishments are not simply attributable to “genius” leadership or hard-working employees. We have survived and prospered only because we found people like you who believe in assisting firms like IMS in securing contracting opportunities.

IMS was founded on February 6, 1996. However, when Rod and I announced that we were starting an engineering firm, the naysayers laughed. They thought both Rod and I had lost our minds. Even more amazing was when we announced our ambitious goal of becoming the best engineering firm in the industry, every imaginable trap was set to sideline and derail our dreams from becoming a reality. But only because of the grace of God, we have thrived. God is faithful!

We are very thankful for the adversities which have crossed our pathways, for they have taught us tolerance, sympathy, self-control, perseverance and some other virtues we might never have known.

Thanks for believing in the unseen, yesterday’s dreams, today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities. We have truly learned that all things are possible, if you only believe.

Our Growth Strategy:

Strategy is a living, breathing, totally dynamic game. Our strategy is actually very straightforward.

It is very simple. We have picked a general direction to go in and we are implementing!

1. We believe at IMS, to come up with an Aha Moment (Aha) for the project, a smart, realistic, relatively fast way to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

2. We put the right people in the right jobs to drive the Aha forward.

3. Relentlessly, we seek out the best practices to achieve the big Aha, whether inside or out, adapt them and continuously improve them.

Our goal at IMS is to create a learning organization where people thirst to do everything better everyday. Our people draw on best practices from anywhere and everywhere and push them to ever-higher levels of effectiveness.

Our goal, even as we grow larger is to operate with the speed, informality, and open communication of a corner store. Corner stores, in order to survive, must have their strategy right. With their limited resources, they have to rely on a laser-like focus on doing things very well.

We know that we can not be everything to everybody, no matter what the size of IMS or how deep our pockets become. We are very committed to upgrading our clients and our people.

We work real hard to make our service delivery distinctive – with a commitment to delivering gobal solutions to local problems. We are constantly thinking innovation, technology, internal processes, added value, whatever works to be unique. Without question, we know communities have choices and we want to be your engineer of choice!

Thanks for twenty (20) wonderful years. We look forward to enjoying a continual relationship with you for the next twenty (20) years.

Again, many thanks! The best is yet to come!!!!!!!

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