Glass for vans to arrive from Kentucky

05 Apr / Glass for vans to arrive from Kentucky

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AP Technoglass, a Kentucky automotive supplier, will provide the windows, windshields and other glass components for the minivans Nissan will build in its $930 million Madison County auto plant.

AP is the first supplier to agree to use a logistics supply center operated by IMS Autrans. Integrated Management Solutions, a Jackson engineering company, in December won a contract to build and manage the facility for Nissan. IMS partnered with Autrans, a Smyrna, Tenn., firm that offers similar services to Nissan’s plants in that state.

The logistics center will be located on the Nissan plant campus, and it will handle deliveries from out-of-state suppliers.

“We’re really excited about the suppliers that we’re talking to and AP’s commitment to use the facility,” said IMS owner John Calhoun.

AP could simply ship bulk shipments of windows and windshields and let IMS employees gather those items and send them to the auto plant in the order they are needed.

The company could also send one minivan’s worth of glass in each package, making IMS’ job of simply forwarding the material even easier.

Rod Hill, executive vice president of IMS Autrans, said he still has to work out details about how AP will supply materials to the facility.

IMS plans to use about half of the space in its planned 200,000 square foot facility for warehousing and the other half for light manufacturing.

In a prepared statement, AP Technoglass Director of Transplant Sales Craig Miller said, “Customers such as Nissan — who years ago designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled parts — are now delegating more and more of those functions to trusted suppliers. … We’re proud to be working closely with and closely by Nissan as this new automotive process evolves.”

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