Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

IMS houses a GIS Unit which integrates GIS in engineering, planning and management services rendered to clients.  IMS fully understands the use and importance of GIS technology in undertaking civil, infrastructure and planning projects.  IMS uses GIS as a decision making tool in array of services such as, site planning, environmental planning, master planning, and transportation planning projects.  IMS has experience in carrying out GIS need assessments for local government agencies, by analyzing their needs and requirements.

Geographic Information Services

Needs Assessment Spatial Analysis
Data Management Master Planning
Site Planning Requirements Analysis

IMS is currently implementing a five year Storm Water Management Program for Hinds County and conducts periodic inspection of pre-construction and post construction sites, storm sewer outfalls, storm drains, creeks and streams.  After such inspections, the geographic and site parameters such as the location based on GPS coordinates, outfall conditions and other are uploaded and maintained in a geo-database.  GIS maps are created periodically to submit to the County and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality for necessary action.