Civil / Land Development

The complex array of federal, state and local regulations which impact development and redevelopment of property creates a need for highly specialized engineering services. IMS has the experience to recognize development constraints and opportunities which are often critical to a client’s decision to proceed. Challenges posed by site terrain, infrastructure limitations, environmental constraints and regulations which impact development projects are addressed. Clients benefit not only from specialized development-related expertise but from the firm’s diversified engineering and environmental resources, including specialists in water supply, wastewater and stormwater management.

Services Areas:

Site Analysis and Feasibility Studies
Grading and Drainage Plans
Land Planning and Zoning Assistance
Subdivision Ordinances
Large & Small-scale Residential Communities
Commercial & Retail Centers
Mixed-Use Developments
Office Parks

Business & Industrial Parks
Site/Civil Engineering
Cost Estimating
Construction Administration Services
Cost Engineering
Program Management

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