Administrative and Management Services

Contracting administrative and management services to an experienced and qualified professional services firm indicates a proactive, progressive approach to fulfill the needs of an

organization, a governmental sector, and/or municipality. We are confident that IMS exhibit the exemplary experience and ability to deliver proven solutions to the everyday opportunities and challenges facing our clients and their customers. We base our approach and delivery on providing our clients with the highest level of service it deserves and expects.

The guiding principle behind IMS’ philosophy towards administrative and management services is to provide professionalassistance that address all aspects of the program, project, budget, design, construction and delivery processes. Planning,quality assurance, budget and schedule maintenance as well as communications are the primary ingredients to managing asuccessful project or a multitude of projects.

Service Areas:

  • Staff Augmentation/Contract Employee
  • Project Scheduling and Reporting
  • Procurement of Professional Services
  • Review Engineering Drawings and Technical Specifications
  • General Administration
  • Grant Preparation
  • Clerical Support
  • Public Relations
  • Technical Support
  • Funding Assistance

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